Roundup Wednesday - Photo by Paul Jones

Roundup Wednesday

Welcome to the first Roundup Wednesday – where we’ll give you a summary of the events from the last week.


MRDA-side Tier 0
Tyne and Fear 108 – 273 New Wheeled Order
Southern Discomfort 516 – 85 Lincolnshire Rolling Thunder
Tyne and Fear 100 – 383 Southern Discomfort

WFTDA-side Tier 2
Surrey Roller Girls 84 – 229 North Devon Roller Derby
Severn Roller Torrent 166 – 117 Central City Roller Derby

WFTDA-side Tier 3 North
Wakey Wheeled Cats 484 – 33 New Town Roller Derby
Leeds Roller Derby B 273 – 102 Durham Roller Derby




Photo Highlights

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