MRDA-side Tier 1 North

MRDA-side Tier 1 North

PosTeamPWLFA+/-T Pts

Top Tens

Jammer Points Difference

Blocker Points Difference

1ShroomsNew Wheeled Order24346312.4710.77
2Cloud StrikeNew Wheeled Order23843313.0511.39
3Veggie KrayNew Wheeled Order23842012.5311.05
4Don GingovanniNew Wheeled Order23940611.5110.41
5GazookaNew Wheeled Order23733310.579.00
6Scooby ZoomNew Wheeled Order23129911.109.65
7ShawNew Wheeled Order22723610.418.74
8KONANBOURGGlasgow Men’s Roller Derby2402137.555.33
9WRIGHTOUSGlasgow Men’s Roller Derby3561745.893.11
10VileNew Wheeled Order1916919.2218.78

Jammer Stats

1Lt DamnNew Wheeled Order21816893032627716.8315.390
2FishNew Wheeled Order21915792202519511.5810.260
3PhilociraptorNew Wheeled Order21815832082418411.5610.220
4OPTIMUS GRIMEGlasgow Men’s Roller Derby3282071255951609.115.710
5RufioNew Wheeled Order2181478156331238.676.830
6FoggzillaNew Wheeled Order15480406348.006.800
7TEA VIRUSGlasgow Men’s Roller Derby1107704114274.102.700
8Krushya to HellBarrow Infernos183383614224.502.750
9JardineBarrow Infernos161174426187.333.002
10DARTH EVADERGlasgow Men’s Roller Derby3331648160146144.850.422
11ShroomsNew Wheeled Order21001101111.0011.001
12BoshBarrow Infernos11009099.009.001
13RosebladeBarrow Infernos233133912612243.820.120
14SpeedyBarrow Infernos21004044.004.001
15Beer MattBarrow Infernos21003033.003.001
16WeebleBarrow Infernos1111002022.002.000
17Red, White & BruiseSuper Smash Brollers22000000.000.002
18SPANIELGlasgow Men’s Roller Derby32001020-105.00-5.001
19ROSIE PEACOCKGlasgow Men’s Roller Derby36117016-160.00-2.673
20SEEK & ROLLSTROYGlasgow Men’s Roller Derby3241250111131-204.63-0.830
21Larkin a’boutSuper Smash Brollers371141951-322.71-4.571
22WRIGHTOUSGlasgow Men’s Roller Derby392222055-352.22-3.892
23The KernalSuper Smash Brollers318162267-451.22-2.5011
24WarrSlammerSuper Smash Brollers3900459-550.44-6.117
25Dr RoBlockNikSuper Smash Brollers21000968-590.90-5.905
26Circle JerkSuper Smash Brollers310110465-610.40-6.103
27DRAGON BAW ZGlasgow Men’s Roller Derby3146432791-641.93-4.570
28Princess Lay’herBarrow Infernos2331236104186-823.15-2.480
29BubsSuper Smash Brollers21952642148-1062.21-5.580
30Buzz KillingtonSuper Smash Brollers311004168-1640.36-14.911
31GruffSuper Smash Brollers3371232100266-1662.70-4.490
32Beater ParkerSuper Smash Brollers32231433205-1721.50-7.824

Blocker Stats

1ShroomsNew Wheeled Order2435367346312.4710.77
2Cloud StrikeNew Wheeled Order2384966343313.0511.39
3Veggie KrayNew Wheeled Order2384765642012.5311.05
4Don GingovanniNew Wheeled Order2394494340611.5110.41
5GazookaNew Wheeled Order2373915833310.579.00
6Scooby ZoomNew Wheeled Order2313444529911.109.65
7ShawNew Wheeled Order2272814523610.418.74
8KONANBOURGGlasgow Men’s Roller Derby240302892137.555.33
9WRIGHTOUSGlasgow Men’s Roller Derby3563301561745.893.11
10VileNew Wheeled Order19173416919.2218.78
11HankinNew Wheeled Order110143114214.3014.20
12ZubeNew Wheeled Order111148714113.4512.82
13GiggNew Wheeled Order191221011213.5612.44
14AddisonNew Wheeled Order11513744939.136.20
15SPANIELGlasgow Men’s Roller Derby361310227835.081.36
16BoshBarrow Infernos11910434705.473.68
17WeebleBarrow Infernos1169326675.814.19
18ChobBarrow Infernos11812575506.942.78
19JardineBarrow Infernos1137327465.623.54
20FishNew Wheeled Order24380389.509.50
21DOC BROWNGlasgow Men’s Roller Derby1126535305.422.50
22OPTIMUS GRIMEGlasgow Men’s Roller Derby34283257.006.25
23CLARKGlasgow Men’s Roller Derby2108865238.802.30
24Princess Lay’herBarrow Infernos23120124.004.00
25Krushya to HellBarrow Infernos12120126.006.00
26RufioNew Wheeled Order211101111.0011.00
27DRAGON BAW ZGlasgow Men’s Roller Derby35100102.002.00
28GruffSuper Smash Brollers334041.331.33
29SEEK & ROLLSTROYGlasgow Men’s Roller Derby310000.000.00
30Lt DamnNew Wheeled Order217707.000.00
31CRASH TEST BARBIEGlasgow Men’s Roller Derby340204208-45.10-0.10
32BubsSuper Smash Brollers2649-50.67-0.83
33DAZASTERGlasgow Men’s Roller Derby2209399-64.65-0.30
34STURDY GIRDERSGlasgow Men’s Roller Derby121636-208.00-10.00
35DARTH EVADERGlasgow Men’s Roller Derby35332-290.60-5.80
36JAMES THE 4THGlasgow Men’s Roller Derby354274306-325.07-0.59
37DEAD SHEERANGlasgow Men’s Roller Derby341180212-324.39-0.78
38MattManSuper Smash Brollers182263-412.75-5.13
39Duke of YorkBarrow Infernos253197243-463.72-0.87
40ROSIE PEACOCKGlasgow Men’s Roller Derby358282328-464.86-0.79
41WHIPLASHGlasgow Men’s Roller Derby352246302-564.73-1.08
42Robert QuadriguezSuper Smash Brollers22285148-633.86-2.86
43VashBarrow Infernos22675140-652.88-2.50
44ScandalousBarrow Infernos257194262-683.40-1.19
45SpeedyBarrow Infernos256207286-793.70-1.41
46Beer MattBarrow Infernos258220299-793.79-1.36
47SKIMBLESGlasgow Men’s Roller Derby31865163-983.61-5.44
48Red, White & BruiseSuper Smash Brollers237140265-1253.78-3.38
49Beater ParkerSuper Smash Brollers32128165-1371.33-6.52
50Buzz KillingtonSuper Smash Brollers34277218-1411.83-3.36
51WarrSlammerSuper Smash Brollers32869280-2112.46-7.54
52Dr RoBlockNikSuper Smash Brollers22944276-2321.52-8.00
53Circle JerkSuper Smash Brollers34092332-2402.30-6.00
54AlgorhythmSuper Smash Brollers22320268-2480.87-10.78
55TronSuper Smash Brollers340114363-2492.85-6.23
56Special KSuper Smash Brollers22725281-2560.93-9.48
57Larkin a’boutSuper Smash Brollers33429333-3040.85-8.94
58Dan BlakeSuper Smash Brollers23467391-3241.97-9.53
59The KernalSuper Smash Brollers34459427-3681.34-8.36
60CocoSuper Smash Brollers23769437-3681.86-9.95

We’ve uploaded the game day statistics for every British Championships game this season!

This means you can see exactly how well you, your friends, and your opponents, have performed this year.

If you’re a skater, we’d love to hear about your personal achievements. Have you topped a skater chart, or done something amazing you want to share? Let us know on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter!

We have compiled a few interesting facts for you too:

  • 1162 Players across 70 teams (average 16.6 per team)
  • 13 duplicate names with 2 people per name
  • Division with the highest number of players – T2WS (100)
  • Division with the lowest number of players – T1MN (64)
  • Division with the highest average number of players per team – T2WW (18.6)
  • Division with the lowest average number of players per team – T2WN (14.4)
  • Team with the most number of players fielded over the year – LRGC (23)
  • Team with the least number of players fielded over the year – TEES and HARD (11)
  • Team with the highest average number of players fielded per game – NWO (8.5)
  • Team with the lowest average number of players fielded per game – HERF and SRT (2.6)
  • Team with the smallest roster for a game – BI and HERF (7)
  • Team with the largest average roster per game – GMRD, NWRD, DRHL and VV (15)
  • Team with the smallest average roster per game – TEES (8.25)
  • Team with the smallest roster to win a game – SRT and TEES (8)