2023 WFTDA-side Tier 3

WFTDA-side Tier 3 North (2023)

PosTeamPWLFA+/-T Pts

WFTDA-side Tier 3 South (2023)

PosTeamPWLFA+/-T Pts

WFTDA-side Tier 3 East (2023)

PosTeamPWLFA+/-T Pts

WFTDA-side Tier 3 West (2023)

PosTeamPWLFA+/-T Pts


274 - 92
WFTDA-side Tier 3 North

Hallam Hellcats Roller Derby vs Leeds Roller Derby B

65 - 215
WFTDA-side Tier 3 North

Nottingham Hellfire Harlots vs Sheffield Steel Roller Derby

162 - 124
WFTDA-side Tier 3 East

Cambridge Rollerbillies vs London Rockin' Rollers

271 - 146
WFTDA-side Tier 3 East

London Batter C Power vs Big Bucks High Rollers

272 - 268
WFTDA-side Tier 3 North

Leeds Roller Derby B vs Sheffield Steel Roller Derby

276 - 129
WFTDA-side Tier 3 North

Auld Reekie Reserves vs Nottingham Hellfire Harlots

128 - 166
WFTDA-side Tier 3 South

Oxford Roller Derby vs Devon Roller Derby

275 - 63
WFTDA-side Tier 3 South

Wiltshire Roller Derby vs Portsmouth Roller Wenches

120 - 204
WFTDA-side Tier 3 West

Nottingham Roller Derby vs Manchester Valkyries

222 - 137
WFTDA-side Tier 3 West

North Wales Roller Derby vs Wirral Roller Derby

103 - 207
WFTDA-side Tier 3 South

Devon Roller Derby vs Wiltshire Roller Derby

105 - 199
WFTDA-side Tier 3 South

Portsmouth Roller Wenches vs Oxford Roller Derby

324 - 42
WFTDA-side Tier 3 North

Hallam Hellcats Roller Derby vs Nottingham Hellfire Harlots

177 - 130
WFTDA-side Tier 3 East

Hertfordshire Roller Derby vs London Rockin' Rollers

249 - 143
WFTDA-side Tier 3 North

Sheffield Steel Roller Derby vs Auld Reekie Reserves

107 - 239
WFTDA-side Tier 3 East

Big Bucks High Rollers vs Cambridge Rollerbillies

154 - 172
WFTDA-side Tier 3 North

Sheffield Steel Roller Derby vs Hallam Hellcats Roller Derby

195 - 177
WFTDA-side Tier 3 North

Leeds Roller Derby B vs Auld Reekie Reserves

189 - 140
WFTDA-side Tier 3 East

London Batter C Power vs Hertfordshire Roller Derby

156 - 165
WFTDA-side Tier 3 East

London Rockin’ Rollers vs Big Bucks High Rollers

269 - 35
WFTDA-side Tier 3 South

Devon Roller Derby vs Portsmouth Roller Wenches

141 - 177
WFTDA-side Tier 3 West

Manchester Valkyries vs North Wales Roller Derby

161 - 149
WFTDA-side Tier 3 South

Oxford Roller Derby vs Wiltshire Roller Derby

99 - 215
WFTDA-side Tier 3 West

Wirral Roller Derby vs Nottingham Roller Derby

101 - 171
WFTDA-side Tier 3 West

Nottingham Roller Derby vs North Wales Roller Derby

225 - 79
WFTDA-side Tier 3 West

Manchester Valkyries vs Wirral Roller Derby

198 - 124
WFTDA-side Tier 3 North

Nottingham Hellfire Harlots vs Leeds Roller Derby B

203 - 145
WFTDA-side Tier 3 East

Big Bucks High Rollers vs Hertfordshire Roller Derby

108 - 149
WFTDA-side Tier 3 East

Cambridge Rollerbillies vs London Batter C Power

104 - 253
WFTDA-side Tier 3 North

Auld Reekie Reserves vs Hallam Hellcats Roller Derby

97 - 236
WFTDA-side Tier 3 East

London Rockin’ Rollers vs London Batter C Power

143 - 164
WFTDA-side Tier 3 East

Hertfordshire Roller Derby vs Cambridge Rollerbillies

JJJams as jammer
JLLead jammer
JLPJammer lead percentage
JPFJammer points for
JPAJammer points against
JPDJammer points difference
JPJJammer points per jam
JDJJammer points difference per jam
JSPJammer star passes
BJJam as a blocker
BPFBlocker points for
BPABlocker points against
BPDBlocker points difference
BPJBlocker points per jam
BDJBlocker points difference per jam

Top Tens


Some teams in this tier this year played 4 games whereas others played 3. We have introduced some new stats that take into account the number of games you have played.
This uses the same formula as the other stats to rank skaters. All of the stats are as normal, but divided by the number of games. e.g BPFG = BPF(Blocker Points For)/G(Games played)

Blocker Averages (T3W 2023)

1Noo MaticHallam Hellcats Roller Derby15848110
2AbbottoirHallam Hellcats Roller Derby1314389
3Killer ReeHallam Hellcats Roller Derby1193386
4BobcatHallam Hellcats Roller Derby883059
5Wilma WheelsmoveHallam Hellcats Roller Derby1024854
6Mabel in a China ShopHallam Hellcats Roller Derby853451
7PetraSheffield Steel Roller Derby1035350
8SerenityWiltshire Roller Derby1175166
9GingeWiltshire Roller Derby1326765
10DustyManchester Valkyries983464
11PsycloneLondon Batter C Power1155461
12MazBorderland Bandits1145757
13GoldiblocksHallam Hellcats763343
14Mega PixelNorth Wales Roller Derby1125656
15WrecklessWiltshire Roller Derby1054956
16SlaydieNorth Wales Roller Derby1196554
17Jenuine ArticleHallam Hellcats Roller Derby1035153
18Kimi KrusherDevon Roller Derby79178
19Leana ClockYaLondon Batter C Power1014952
20Rogue FunLondon Batter C Power1055450
21Seven Zero TwoWiltshire Roller Derby934549
22BeeWiltshire Roller Derby1075948
23Olive a SuddenHallam Hellcats Roller Derby813645
24Hel RazorManchester Valkyries955144
25Bookworm’s RevengeWiltshire Roller Derby1005743
26Gillennium falconOxford Roller Derby1084464
27CarnageHallam Hellcats Roller Derby633132
28DeeManchester Valkyries895237
29GemmaSheffield Steel Roller Derby1037528
30Just DanSheffield Steel Roller Derby552926
31Rat EyesHallam Hellcats Roller Derby631252
32Luna TrickSheffield Steel Roller Derby977225
33FowlerCambridge Rollerbillies936033
34Northern LassDevon Roller Derby823349
35Max PainNorth Wales Roller Derby825131
36Ursa BoomWiltshire Roller Derby542331
37Mercyful SkateOxford Roller Derby894247
38BettySheffield Steel Roller Derby937022
39Perox IdaSheffield Steel Roller Derby673829
40SkellyOxford Roller Derby754728
41Smash HitsCambridge Rollerbillies714427
42Curse-TDevon Roller Derby684127
43Kimber ScoutSheffield Steel Roller Derby897019
44SavageLondon Batter C Power1326171
45Machine GunbySheffield Steel Roller Derby834835
46PandamoniumLondon Batter C Power311418
47CobbersNorth Wales Roller Derby501635
48VixenManchester Valkyries441034
49Crash CallNottingham Roller Derby411923
50EagleOxford Roller Derby634122
51ZehnaManchester Valkyries1064066
52Nim ChimpskyCambridge Rollerbillies422022
53KPCambridge Rollerbillies664521
54Jan SlamAuld Reekie Reserves1209920
55Question MarkWiltshire Roller Derby946430
56Kell on WheelsManchester Valkyries744530
57KirkSheffield Steel Roller Derby887414
58FilthOxford Roller Derby816218
59KellraiserHallam Hellcats Roller Derby802753
60Dread DittoOxford Roller Derby654718
61Gonna Need StitchesDorset Raging Gulls754927
62FoxOxford Roller Derby825626
63Max VoltageLondon Batter C Power1156451
64Iron MerMaidenSheffield Steel Roller Derby736113
65The LawCambridge Rollerbillies796217
66F.E.BCambridge Rollerbillies866125
67Han Zoe LowWiltshire Roller Derby563125
68Primal QueerCambridge Rollerbillies665116
69Crystal FrostLeeds Roller Derby B16111546
70Em-C-SlammerManchester Valkyries705515
71Faetal AttractionHallam Hellcats Roller Derby13310
72Greek FrighteningNottingham Roller Derby635113
73Angel With DiamondsNorth Wales Roller Derby462719
74SnatchLondon Batter C Power887612
75Skatie PerryNorth Wales Roller Derby766610
76Nat Out Of HellCambridge Rollerbillies554510
77Sandy SurfWhacksDevon Roller Derby776610
78JezbianDevon Roller Derby605010
79Hulk GroganManchester Valkyries807010
80BrewskiNorth Wales Roller Derby514110
81Chloro-BlastNottingham Roller Derby463115
82Phoenix_Sheffield Steel Roller Derby482226
83KitKatSheffield Steel Roller Derby847113
84Stings Like AbbieHerts Roller Derby877513
85Frank IntenseChaos Engine27225
86HeddersCambridge Rollerbillies1028
87Lethal InjectionNorth Wales Roller Derby362412
88CatfaceCambridge Rollerbillies806912
89Slice-R PiManchester Valkyries342312
90PriceManchester Valkyries79727
91SonicBig Bucks High Rollers725
92Over The PainbowHerts Roller Derby74677
93Moomin BrawlLondon Rockin’ Rollers65587
94Lacey KickersBig Bucks High Rollers54477
95SmookzDevon Roller Derby443410
96Es-capadeWiltshire Roller Derby332310
97BlockwellDevon Roller Derby57516
98MaulAuld Reekie Reserves72685
99The RenegadeLondon Batter C Power26179
100Fever BitchHallam Hellcats Roller Derby483117
101Kiss and HellLondon Rockin’ Rollers71655
102CyclepathOxford Roller Derby808
103Van WildManchester Valkyries351916
104cLeo sLayerLondon Rockin’ Rollers72665
105Double DutchOxford Roller Derby70655
106GillOxford Roller Derby715615
107Storm Chase-HerDevon Roller Derby77725
108RuddNottingham Roller Derby14104
109Red Amber MeanNorth Wales Roller Derby19811
110Elsie EmasculatorDevon Roller Derby43385
111Tsu NarmeeCambridge Rollerbillies64595
112Paddy WhackLondon Batter C Power342410
113RegBig Bucks High Rollers35333
114FilWiltshire Roller Derby14410
115RazeLondon Batter C Power61575
116SmithHallam Hellcats Roller Derby642
117Whippety SplitDevon Roller Derby1073
118WeenieNottingham Hellfire Harlots34268
119KerfootHallam Hellcats Roller Derby202
120FluffOxford Roller Derby413
121MedusaLondon Batter C Power75732
122PottshotLeeds Roller Derby B100982
123SwiftWiltshire Roller Derby202
124LindsaneWiltshire Roller Derby862
125Ruby TrapPortsmouth Roller Wenches303
126Basket CaseNorth Wales Roller Derby202
127Bruise WillisLondon Rockin’ Rollers60582
128Skate MossOxford Roller Derby835
129Betta SplendeathBig Bucks High Rollers12102
130ChillyBig Bucks High Rollers101
131Diamond DodgeWiltshire Roller Derby101
132Ginja NinjaWirral Roller Derby101
133Thunder ThighsPortsmouth Roller Wenches202
134DebistatorManchester Valkyries50464
135Gog ComplexNorth Wales Roller Derby202
136Lithal WeaponOxford Roller Derby633
137SlinkyDevon Roller Derby101
138Emery of the StateLondon Batter C Power101
139Jammy RogersWirral Roller Derby101
140JassassinHerts Roller Derby101
141Gadgets GirlNorth Wales Roller Derby46451
142Circuit BreakerAuld Reekie Reserves101
143Merrill StreakNorth Wales Roller Derby331
144Al MangleyouWirral Roller Derby101
145Slamwise BambiNorth Wales Roller Derby18162
146TraumaManchester Valkyries101
147Nessie PinkmanNorth Wales Roller Derby321
148Britney ShearsNottingham Roller Derby59590
149GrimblokHallam Hellcats Roller Derby000
150CartwheelsHallam Hellcats Roller Derby000
151Lady FoxleyHerts Roller Derby000
152The UndietakerLondon Rockin’ Rollers000
153ArtemisSheffield Steel Roller Derby000
154Mental FlossOxford Roller Derby65650
155Teapot RebellionAuld Reekie Reserves000
156Pandamonium_Auld Reekie Reserves000
157French BirdManchester Valkyries000
158DonnaCambridge Rollerbillies000
159Jilling in the name ofLeeds Roller Derby B000
160Comic SlamsSheffield Steel Roller Derby000
161Cherry SkatewellsManchester Valkyries000
162F’AliceLondon Rockin’ Rollers000
163Sketchy CharacterLondon Rockin’ Rollers000
164Thembo Party KillerCrash Test Brummies000
165Major VengeanceLondon Batter C Power000
166DreadblocksLeeds Roller Derby B000
167SalcatrazDevon Roller Derby34-1
168Mozzie FangsHerts Roller Derby5556-1
169F.E.B.Cambridge Rollerbillies7374-1
170Rola CroftHallam Hellcats Roller Derby3334-1
171KnoxvilleLeeds Roller Derby B3940-1
172StellarAuld Reekie Reserves66-1
173Red RiotLeeds Roller Derby B01-1
174BlondieCambridge Rollerbillies01-1
175ButkeviciusNottingham Roller Derby1921-2
176Robust’herNorth Wales Roller Derby3537-2
177Hannah of the NorthManchester Valkyries6870-2
178MaxxAuld Reekie Reserves02-2
179BeebOxford Roller Derby4952-3
180Aphrodite for DestructionOxford Roller Derby03-3
181Warp JenNottingham Hellfire Harlots03-3
182MurderHerts Roller Derby8286-4
183QuinncidentNottingham Roller Derby4952-4
184Ginger SnapsLondon Rockin’ Rollers4549-4
185Pipistrelle HellPortsmouth Roller Wenches14-4
186Trick SanchezWirral Pack Animals5356-4
187BlackSmithAuld Reekie Reserves9196-4
188Eskate AgentDevon Roller Derby5964-5
189FawnHerts Roller Derby7480-5
190MontanaNottingham Hellfire Harlots1520-5
191Steph MetalNottingham Roller Derby5359-6
192TrynaNottingham Roller Derby5057-7
193WhoopLeeds Roller Derby B94101-7
194BearBig Bucks High Rollers512-7
195Pixie CannibalHerts Roller Derby7885-7
196RosenSplatzSheffield Steel Roller Derby4652-7
197Axl ToesDevon Roller Derby1018-8
198SirenBig Bucks High Rollers4049-9
199PendulumAuld Reekie Reserves3040-10
200Brio-hazardThe Inhuman League1727-10
201Foxy KnocksyPortsmouth Roller Wenches2534-10
202Ellie GCambridge Rollerbillies5465-11
203Apex TwinManchester Valkyries1931-12
204Tenacious TornadoPortsmouth Roller Wenches618-12
205BexecuteLondon Rockin’ Rollers5871-13
206JDAuld Reekie Reserves3548-13
207Peggy PerilPortsmouth Roller Wenches014-14
208Elsie DaggerLondon Batter C Power5266-14
209Bandit QueenHerts Roller Derby6680-14
210Tequila BlockingbirdHerts Roller Derby5975-15
211DiablesseNottingham Hellfire Harlots2843-15
212A-ListerLeeds Roller Derby B136150-15
213DisorderLeeLondon Rockin’ Rollers4561-16
214McNabbulousNottingham Roller Derby2945-16
215Puck Her UpNottingham Roller Derby2744-17
216Block Nez MonsterLondon Batter C Power4765-18
217Atomic AfflictionBig Bucks High Rollers95113-18
218Gold N MaliciousBig Bucks High Rollers98115-18
219AlfNottingham Roller Derby5372-19
220RavengeLeeds Roller Derby B6786-19
221Tank GirlAuld Reekie Reserves7393-19
222VixStaBig Bucks High Rollers2241-19
223Gem AarghNottingham Roller Derby5171-20
224Life SaberAuld Reekie Reserves101122-20
225Sonic BoonLeeds Roller Derby B6282-20
226Speedy RosalesHerts Roller Derby2949-20
227FeralAuld Reekie All Stars88108-20
228Elf HazardLondon Rockin’ Rollers4767-20
229Mama PiaBig Bucks High Rollers5171-20
230CorkerWirral Roller Derby5071-21
231RascaAuld Reekie Reserves6990-21
232Josie DoeHerts Roller Derby5272-21
233Lesley SnipesWirral Roller Derby2749-23
234KiljaAuld Reekie Reserves78101-23
235Dita von CheeseAuld Reekie Reserves7599-24
236HawkHerts Roller Derby3963-24
237Loki NightfuryWirral Roller Derby3761-24
238Sting RaeWirral Pack Animals5781-24
239Alexandra the GreatWirral Roller Derby934-25
240StitchesDevon Roller Derby4772-25
241J’aime LeCafeLeeds Roller Derby B3258-26
242SmashochistLondon Rockin’ Rollers4370-27
243Kat Van DamnNorth Wales Roller Derby2149-28
244MelementalPortsmouth Roller Wenches1140-29
245CzechBig Bucks High Rollers86116-30
246Tiny TemperLondon Rockin’ Rollers4171-30
247Wurzel ScrimmageLeeds Roller Derby B5282-30
248CamBoozledLeeds Roller Derby B4474-30
249ThrashbagWirral Roller Derby6595-30
250Hell ‘n’ BackNottingham Roller Derby5283-31
251Rib DigHerLeeds Roller Derby B1344-31
252BekaBig Bucks High Rollers3567-32
253Rice RocketLeeds Roller Derby B3466-32
254Mama PieBig Bucks High Rollers68100-32
255BusseyLeeds Roller Derby B72106-35
256Lawrence of a Lay-bee-ahLondon Rockin’ Rollers4782-35
257Mrs BoutfireLondon Rockin’ Rollers4581-37
258Bettie-Mal SeizureNottingham Hellfire Harlots5996-38
259The Lesser WeavilAuld Reekie Reserves5695-39
260RobertsNottingham Hellfire Harlots5695-39
261Jengo UnchainedBig Bucks High Rollers3274-41
262SouzaNottingham Roller Derby5293-42
263VoodoomWirral Pack Animals5799-42
264Kate or DiePortsmouth Roller Wenches1457-43
265Lyd Vicious_Super Smash Brollers58101-43
266Cherry BomberPortsmouth Roller Wenches2168-47
267VenusNottingham Hellfire Harlots2776-49
268Dussy DynamitePortsmouth Roller Wenches1666-50
269ChrisNottingham Hellfire Harlots4999-50
270Dropkick MollyPortsmouth Roller Wenches4092-52
271Krash BandicuteLeeds Roller Derby B52105-53
272Bux CapacitorPortsmouth Roller Wenches2882-54
273Irn LuAuld Reekie Reserves3994-55
274RoboPopWirral Pack Animals4095-55
275NucLeahNottingham Hellfire Harlots4398-55
276JinglishBig Bucks High Rollers61117-56
277Shady SupernovaPortsmouth Roller Wenches1778-61
278Kimperial MarchNottingham Hellfire Harlots2586-61
279LippyPortsmouth Roller Wenches1779-62
280Friend or Fo-59122-63
281DixWirral Roller Derby2184-63
282Tigs you’re itWirral Pack Animals2189-67
283Dropkick No MercyBig Bucks High Rollers65132-67
284Ken’tush ThisMansfield Roller Derby42110-68
285Berry NaughtyPortsmouth Roller Wenches36108-72
286Sitcks & StonerNottingham Hellfire Harlots981-72
287BartonWirral Roller Derby36111-75
288Harold BashupPortsmouth Roller Wenches2199-77
289TanyaNottingham Hellfire Harlots47128-80
291Spins n NeedlesNottingham Hellfire Harlots25108-83
292Adore DeSlamo-34132-98
293LawVendetta Vixens46156-110
294Crash Test HoneyPortsmouth Roller Wenches28143-115
295Buns Of AnarchyDorset Knobs Roller Derby26152-127
296BlockfastLeeds Roller Derby B19155-136

Jammer Averages

1SmithHallam Hellcats Roller Derby7321
2KerfootHallam Hellcats Roller Derby6615
3WinceSheffield Steel Roller Derby8746
4Dr CrushaManchester Valkyries6720
5Diamond DodgeWiltshire Roller Derby7129
6DonnaCambridge Rollerbillies7031
7Merrill StreakNorth Wales Roller Derby7236
8Circuit BreakerAuld Reekie Reserves5428
9Liz and Let DieOxford Roller Derby4915
10MaxLondon Batter C Power6229
11GrimblokHallam Hellcats Roller Derby5826
12KitastropheLeeds Roller Derby B10052
13SwiftWiltshire Roller Derby6233
14BearBig Bucks High Rollers3821
15Major VengeanceLondon Batter C Power4716
16DracBig Bucks High Rollers7817
17Comic SlamsSheffield Steel Roller Derby7758
18SlinkyDevon Roller Derby4326
19LindsaneWiltshire Roller Derby5236
20Basket CaseNorth Wales Roller Derby4932
21Jo ScottNottingham Hellfire Harlots8637
22Wilma WheelsmoveHallam Hellcats Roller Derby164
23Wreck-It Bec-6549
24BlondieCambridge Rollerbillies5539
25Elsiemerollin’London Batter C Power7024
26Cherry SkatewellsManchester Valkyries4632
27KC Crush’emDevon Roller Derby5129
28Zee WhizzHerts Roller Derby4935
29Gempire StateSheffield Steel Roller Derby8342
30Thembo Party KillerCrash Test Brummies5435
31ButkeviciusNottingham Roller Derby4122
32Sketchy CharacterLondon Rockin’ Rollers4736
33RuddNottingham Roller Derby3928
34LauRenegadeWiltshire Roller Derby2914
35Faetal AttractionHallam Hellcats Roller Derby2821
36Aphrodite for DestructionOxford Roller Derby5338
37SalcatrazDevon Roller Derby4738
38Mental FlossOxford Roller Derby101
39Gog ComplexNorth Wales Roller Derby4127
40MazBorderland Bandits168
41Lady MacDeathBorderland Bandits7250
42Angel With DiamondsNorth Wales Roller Derby145
43Atomic AfflictionBig Bucks High Rollers50
44Gem AarghNottingham Roller Derby60
45Sailor DoomLondon Batter C Power6455
46CarnageHallam Hellcats Roller Derby95
47Pandamonium_Auld Reekie Reserves4741
48Eskate AgentDevon Roller Derby62
49CartwheelsHallam Hellcats Roller Derby2115
50AbbottoirHallam Hellcats Roller Derby41
51Olive a SuddenHallam Hellcats Roller Derby40
52Kimi KrusherDevon Roller Derby1510
53Lithal WeaponOxford Roller Derby2313
54Dropkick MollyPortsmouth Roller Wenches83
56Frank IntenseChaos Engine2516
57The LawCambridge Rollerbillies30
58Seven Zero TwoWiltshire Roller Derby30
59ThrashbagWirral Roller Derby30
60Trick SanchezWirral Roller Derby107
61PandamoniumLondon Batter C Power3231
62Hell ‘n’ BackNottingham Roller Derby50
63Tigs you’re itWirral Pack Animals10
64F.E.B.Cambridge Rollerbillies40
65StitchesDevon Roller Derby40
66Max PainNorth Wales Roller Derby10
67Question MarkWiltshire Roller Derby20
68PetraSheffield Steel Roller Derby21
69JezbianDevon Roller Derby54
70SnatchLondon Batter C Power10
71A-ListerLeeds Roller Derby B53
72BartonWirral Roller Derby10
73RegBig Bucks High Rollers2726
74TraumaManchester Valkyries5352
75MurderHerts Roller Derby10
76FeralAuld Reekie All Stars10
77CobbersNorth Wales Roller Derby32
78Hel RazorManchester Valkyries10
79SmookzDevon Roller Derby10
80PriceManchester Valkyries00
81Bruise WillisLondon Rockin’ Rollers00
82FowlerCambridge Rollerbillies00
83Sonic BoonLeeds Roller Derby B00
84DeeManchester Valkyries00
85SkellyOxford Roller Derby00
86Ellie GCambridge Rollerbillies00
87Crash Test HoneyPortsmouth Roller Wenches00
88Nat Out Of HellCambridge Rollerbillies00
89Sandy SurfWhacksDevon Roller Derby00
90Crystal FrostLeeds Roller Derby B00
91Kimber ScoutSheffield Steel Roller Derby00
92Killer ReeHallam Hellcats Roller Derby00
93RobertsNottingham Hellfire Harlots00
94Berry NaughtyPortsmouth Roller Wenches11
95Over The PainbowHerts Roller Derby00
96FawnHerts Roller Derby00
97FilthOxford Roller Derby00
98Lawrence of a Lay-bee-ahLondon Rockin’ Rollers00
99GemmaSheffield Steel Roller Derby00
100Pixie CannibalHerts Roller Derby00
101KiljaAuld Reekie Reserves11
102Mabel in a China ShopHallam Hellcats Roller Derby00
103JinglishBig Bucks High Rollers00
104LippyPortsmouth Roller Wenches34
105McDirtyLondon Rockin’ Rollers4344
106Emery of the StateLondon Batter C Power4243
107RavengeLeeds Roller Derby B02
108French BirdManchester Valkyries1516
109Dropkick No MercyBig Bucks High Rollers1820
110GoldiblocksHallam Hellcats24
111Puck Her UpNottingham Roller Derby2426
112BlackSmithAuld Reekie Reserves69
113Sting RaeWirral Roller Derby14
114Elf HazardLondon Rockin’ Rollers03
115Spins n NeedlesNottingham Hellfire Harlots610
116Roz not SozOxford Roller Derby712
117Al MangleyouWirral Roller Derby5560
118KnoxvilleLeeds Roller Derby B06
119Rice RocketLeeds Roller Derby B1723
120ArtemisSheffield Steel Roller Derby5562
121Brio-hazardThe Inhuman League2835
122Schnell-B-CobraNottingham Hellfire Harlots3037
123Lacey KickersBig Bucks High Rollers1927
124MaxxAuld Reekie Reserves1724
125Gnarly Rae JepsenCambridge Rollerbillies2534
126HeddersCambridge Rollerbillies2533
127Robust’herNorth Wales Roller Derby515
128Lyd Vicious_Nottingham Hellfire Harlots414
129FluffOxford Roller Derby2738
130CyclepathOxford Roller Derby1121
131F’AliceLondon Rockin’ Rollers3446
132Ken’tush ThisMansfield Roller Derby115
133BasquiliskLondon Batter C Power014
134WeenieNottingham Hellfire Harlots3651
135VenusNottingham Hellfire Harlots216
136DiablesseNottingham Hellfire Harlots015
137The UndietakerLondon Rockin’ Rollers3652
138Slamwise BambiNorth Wales Roller Derby1127
139Maple BitchslapLondon Rockin’ Rollers1733
140Red RiotLeeds Roller Derby B4259
141Thunder ThighsPortsmouth Roller Wenches1228
142CamBoozledLeeds Roller Derby B220
143Teapot RebellionAuld Reekie Reserves5574
144Betta SplendeathBig Bucks High Rollers2545
145Jilling in the name ofLeeds Roller Derby B3860
146Whippety SplitDevon Roller Derby1943
147Lady Foxley-2449
148SonicBig Bucks High Rollers2853
149Ginja NinjaWirral Roller Derby2752
150JassassinHerts Roller Derby1441
151Peggy PerilPortsmouth Roller Wenches835
152Crash CallNottingham Roller Derby1138
153Tenacious TornadoPortsmouth Roller Wenches1545
154DreadblocksLeeds Roller Derby B3164
155StellarAuld Reekie Reserves1751
156Foxy KnocksyPortsmouth Roller Wenches1650
157ChillyBig Bucks High Rollers138
158Warp JenNottingham Hellfire Harlots3274
159Jammy RogersWirral Roller Derby2772
160Alexandra the GreatWirral Roller Derby448
161Pipistrelle HellPortsmouth Roller Wenches2064
162MontanaNottingham Hellfire Harlots19117
163Ruby TrapPortsmouth Roller Wenches7110