Coronavirus Statement

Joint statement from UKRDA and British Championships

British Championships and the UKRDA have been working closely with WFTDA, MRDA and following advice from UK authorities to understand how we can best keep skaters, volunteers and spectators safe during this spread of Covid-19. We understand the UK Governments approach to delaying the spread and that social distancing is an important part of the strategy.

We are recommending that all leagues cancel or postpone all games planned from now until 3rd April. We understand this is a recommendation with financial impact and that leagues will need to contact their venue providers. We recommend that leagues cancel what they can, on timescales that work for your league.

British Championships will not issue a forfeit or any penalisation for cancelled games or events during this time. British Championships are actively working on contingency plans to minimise the disruption to the season. Assistance will be given to reschedule postponed games once the situation has improved.

Leagues should also review their training sessions and discuss with their skaters if training sessions should go ahead. All leagues should follow WFTDA advice on attendance requirements, hygiene policy and keep health and safety at the forefront at this time. Don’t come to training if you are ill but don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it.

We know how important the community aspect of roller derby is. Situations such as this make it more important we work together and at the same time make it harder for us to be together.

We are making these recommendations based on the best advice we have in a dynamic and changing situation. We will continue to monitor the situation, keep working with WFTDA, MRDA and other global and UK organisations to help keep UK Roller Derby safe.